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Top five tips for camping on a budget

Top 5 tips for camping on a budget

  1. Buy pre-loved camping gear or borrow from friends.
  2. Get Out Camp Out locally, or car pool if heading further afield.
  3. Pack home stuff - even a doona and yoga mat will do.
  4. Pre-cook and freeze a feast, and pack plenty of healthy treats.
  5. Enjoy hiking, biking and swimming - nature is free!

Not ready for the big Get Out Camp Out yet?
Be a Fort Fanatic or Backyard Basic camper in the comfort of your home.

How to stargaze

How to stargaze

Without city lights or pollution, the sky twinkles with opportunities for stargazing.

What you need
  • Vast, clear sky with a galaxy of stars
  • Binoculars and sleeping bag
  • Stargazing app or an Australian Sky Guide
  1. Turn off the torches and let your eyes adjust to the dark.
  2. Lie down in your sleeping bags in a row.
  3. Take it in turns to view the sky through binoculars.
  4. Use your star app or guide to help navigate the sky.
Building a blanket fort

Step 1

Push the dining room chairs to the sides of the couch facing away from each other

Step 2

Collect your pillows and place them around the inside walls of your fort

Step 3

Use your sheet as the roof of your fort and place it over the couch and chairs

How to stargaze

How to crowdsource a story

Storytelling around the campfire is tradition and fun, especially when it involves everyone.

  • Sit in a circle, or across from one another, and pick someone to start the story.
  • Open with a sentence such as, "Once upon a time..." or even, "It was a dark and stormy night..."
  • The next person continues the story with a sentence, and so on until the story ends.