Crazy but true. 1 in 3 aussie kids do not spend time outdoors more than twice a week.
Camping is the perfect way to boost your family's dose of the great outdoors.
GoCo your way this summer

The top five types of camping

Bedroom, backyard, beach or bush – camping out is easy thanks to our long, sunny days and balmy nights. The good news is: you don’t need much to get started, which means you can Get Out Camp Out your way this summer!

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More than 50% of aussies have never been camping as a family!

Crikey! Look who's missing out on a great aussie tradition

It's time to Get Out Camp Out! From fresh air and sunshine to socialising and bonding, camping outdoors in nature has proven health benefits. Follow our top tips for making your first Get Out Camp Out a BIG success.

Top ten tips for first-time campers

What to pack for camping

Have you ever reached a holiday destination to find you’ve forgotten something crucial? From swimming gear and shoes to phone chargers and even tents, it’s easy to leave pretty important stuff behind in the rush and excitement. We asked the team at BIG4 for their ultimate holiday packing checklists based on 40 years of experience and feedback from guests.

Simply download, print and use these guides, and you’ll never forget any crucial travel gear again.

BIG4's Bare Essentials Checklist | BIG4's Camp Kitchen Essentials Checklist
Enjoy Getting Out and Camping Out!