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Where can I redeem the Big4 Gift Voucher and is there a list of Big4 parks?


First start by checking your junk mail, or try searching for an email from support@getoutglampout.com.au, if you can’t find anything in your mail after searching and checking your junk folder, please email support@getoutglampout.com.au and provide the following details; First & Last Name, Email Address Used & Date of Entry.Cards or Vouchers are redeemable at any participating BIG4 Holiday Park location. The location of participating BIG4 Holiday Parks may change from time to time and an up-to-date list of the participating parks is available on  www.big4.com.au


How long do I have to redeem the Big4 Gift Voucher and do I have to use it in full?


Vouchers must be redeemed within 36 months of issue (“Validity Period”). Any Card or Voucher not used within the Validity Period will be void and of no value.  Any unused value will not be refunded. The voucher may be used in part or in full, and any remaining balance can be applied towards subsequent purchases.


I gave the wrong email address / first or last name and I am a winner. What do I do?


Please contact support@getoutglampout.com.au IMMEDIATELY to provide the correct details. Golden Circle does not accept responsibility for delivering items to incorrect people/addresses if the wrong details were provided in the first place.

Please click the below link to view Big4 Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions

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At Golden Circle, we look forward to hearing what's on our customers' minds. We have a dedicated team of consultants ready to receive your comments, suggestions or feedback. You can contact our Consumer Service Centre via the phone using our freecall number, post or online. Our preferred method particularly for product issues is via the phone as this ensures all the relevant information is captured.


Golden Circle Freecall Number:1800 037 058
Open 8.00 am - 5.15 pm EST, Monday to Friday.


Consumer Support Team, Locked Bag 2
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